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The word “blog” reminds me so much of the word Blob. Yeah, that Steve McQueen movie back in the 60’s. The remake does not count. So the powers that be could have called it a B-Log if they want the “b” in there. How about Logette, a little long but descriptive. I kinda like NetLog which says it comes from the “Net” and is a “Log” which may be a little hokey but it works for me.

So the next question is “if you dislike the word “blog” why do you have one? My argument is I dislike commercials but I look at them, I dislike some vegetables but I eat them, I dislike spending $4 a gallon for gas but I still drive, you get my point.

I love the concept of what a blog does and how it possibly can be a tool to gain buyers and sellers. I must say I have broken all the rules with my blog as far as not letting Me be the focal point. From what I understand you have to be very sutle and descreet when talking about yourself. I am trying to get better in that category but I thought to be successful in this businss of real estate, people have a know alittle about you. My theory is everytime I place my name on the net there is potential for someone to recognize me as being a real estate agent. If anyone has a argument with that, please let me know. I have noticed I have written all these words and not even mentioned my name. So if you want to work with a really hard working real estate agent, give Joyce Bliss a call at 919-308-1215. That being said if you want to know about my background, why I chose real estate, my listings, how I can help you list your property, what buyers need to know before they sign anything  just give me a call.

By the way, I still dislike the word “blog”.


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